Visual pedagogies for online learning
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Thursday, December 10, 2020

Visual pedagogies for online learning

Irene Hayden's presentation at the GMIT Teaching and Learning Showcase in December 2020 was well received. The presentation outlined the research behind a novel visual building regulation pedagogy which has been trialled and researched over a number of years. A recording of the presentation can be accessed here.

Pedagogy involves the method and practice of teaching. Standard pedagogies include behaviourist, cognitivist, constructivist, social constructivist and liberationalist.

Visual pedagogy is a field of study and research with images. The basic definition of visual literacy is the ability to read, write and create visual images.

A mode is a means of communicating

A medium is a substance through which a communication is conveyed. you tube, photography, film, immersive environments such as VR, theatre, pod casts, textural communication, painting, art, graphics, cartoons, animations, social media, power point, stop motion, Autocad, Revit etc

Visual pedagogies applied online are an merging research area

In the final assessment I used a visual immersive authentic competence assessment. It had an 80% pass rate. It was adjudicated using a rubric which online participants contributed to. The assessment was multimodal in that visual and spatial modes were used. The media used was virtual reality using a 3D or 360 panorama, both as a url and as a QR code ‘transitioning from a place of none or little knowledge … to one where (aspects) are clearly understood within the confines and safety of an educational setting’ (Hayden 2019).

Visual assessment - View 1
Visual assessment - View 2

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